Bank of America

Times Square Billboard


We were delighted to win a competitive pitch to conceive and design the new content for Bank of America’s enormous new digital billboard in Times Square, New York.

We ultimately developed and produced a modular series of abstract and eye-catching bumpers built around the focal-point of the BOA logo that would help the brand stand out amongst the crowd of adjacent screens.


Despite some initial branding constraints, we considered the primary goal of the screen was to get passers-by to notice the brand.

By creating a variety of animated bumpers that would seamlessly link together, even regular viewers would continuously be treated to something new and intriguing.

We also had to very consciously consider an aesthetic that would have a broad appeal to the 500,000+ daily audience.

Original Pitches

As part of our pitch we also developed two alternative routes. One, where we created the letters of the logo from elaborate living objects and elements which would create a series of ‘financial landscapes’ relating to such themes as homes, travel, retail and innovation.

The second alternative reinforced the idea of customers being at the heart of the brand, with the logo and surrounding scene being brought to life by people. Whether they be parachuting in and landing on the logo, watering the scene before it organically grows with life or simply peeling back the layers of the logo.


A key part of our creative development on this project was to illustrate a broad range of initial ideas to help our client’s decision making process.

Merrill Lynch

Merrill Lynch is the corporate and investment banking division of Bank of America.

Based on the success of the BOA development, we were asked to conceive an on-screen presence which would embody the more corporate brand with its own distinct palette and specific look & feel.