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What does it mean to be seventeen?

When you're 17, anything is possible. If (like us) you're one of the lucky ones, the world is full of promise. We might not be teens anymore, but we'd never claim to be fully matured - we still have lots to learn, a desire to do so, and a restless nature that makes every day an enticing prospect. 

It's this spirit that ensures we take nothing for granted, meet every creative challenge with an open mind, every production challenge with an optimistic outlook, and answer every “why” with a “why not?”.

Meet the team
We are continually humbled by the stellar people who have chosen to make weareseventeen part of their working lives.

  • Gosia Bem

    Gosia Bem

    Motion Designer

  • Jason Drew

    Jason Drew

    CD & Head of 3D

  • Chris Cousins

    Chris Cousins

    Senior Motion Designer

  • Jade Annaw

    Jade Annaw

    Company Director & EP

  • Mario Ruggiero

    Mario Ruggiero

    Senior Motion Designer

  • Emma James

    Emma James

    Studio Manager

  • Christine Nguyen

    Christine Nguyen


  • Gabor Ekes

    Gabor Ekes

    Senior Motion Designer

  • Nehanda Roberts

    Nehanda Roberts


  • David Davies

    David Davies

    Senior Designer

  • Serhat Goktas

    Serhat Goktas

    Junior Motion Designer

  • Clare Howlett

    Clare Howlett

    Client Services

  • Katy Haile

    Katy Haile

    Client Services

  • Amber Bednall

    Amber Bednall

    Head of Marketing & Events

  • Alexandre Fernandez

    Alexandre Fernandez

    Senior Motion Designer

  • Gary Roberts

    Gary Roberts

    Creative Director

  • Olivia Tattersall

    Olivia Tattersall

    Junior Producer

  • Stephen Simmonds

    Stephen Simmonds


  • George Alexander

    George Alexander

    Company Director & EP

Our ethos of ‘championing decency’ is woven into how we operate day to day, the decisions we make as a team, how we support each other, and how we work with our clients.

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We believe that we can deliver great creative work that captivates and moves, without compromising our humanity and values. The work we do matters, but how we do it matters just as much.

  • Being Human

    It’s pretty simple really - at the end of the day, we’re all just people doing our best. We’ve all worked in places or on projects where this basic principle gets forgotten, and it’s up to us to remember just how important it is to show respect, empathy, appreciation, kindness and decency to everyone we work with - no matter what the business demands or challenges are.
  • Openness

    Our best work happens when we are open-minded - open to fresh ideas and perspectives, to opinions and change. It encourages positive conversation and is an essential building block for honest relationships - we believe it makes everyone’s lives better.
  • Curiosity

    A little curiosity can go a long way - a lot of curiosity goes even further. We encourage digging deeper and really listening, reading between the lines, asking questions and genuinely caring about the answers, and seeing where conversations and opportunities take us.
  • Quality

    We believe that we *should* sweat the small stuff - It's important to strive for the highest standards in the little things, as well as the big things. Quality runs throughout our work, our process, our approach to everything - from our creative and technical output to our cups of tea.
  • Optimism

    We don’t get anywhere or achieve anything without an optimistic mindset. It’s the foundation for trying new things, making new connections, and overcoming challenges. Optimism drives us to aim high and have the confidence to start something ambitious. We owe it to our clients to bring this attitude to all of our projects, every single day - they put their trust in us, and it’s the least we can do in return.
  • Pride

    Less of a value and more of an ambition... we strive to make our clients proud of the work we create together, and to make our team proud of everything we achieve.

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