Greek 100 Spots


We won a pitch to partner with Yoplait's Minneapolis based agency, Olson, to conceive and produce a series of short animated bumpers for their new Greek 100: Surprise Yourself campaign.

We delivered a set of 8 eclectic sequences that would play out in cinemas across the US, peppering the pre-film commercial time with a selection of unexpected surprises.

The spots also live on their Greek 100 product site.


With our ideas we aimed to be surprising without being obvious and clichéd. Balancing being inventive, quirky and irreverent without being overly weird or too surreal - primarily these spots are designed to be charming and engaging ultimately making the product more appealing.


We initially explored a variety of ideas, some whimsical and magical, some more slick and sophisticated. Some took us into intriguing visually detailed places and some give us simpler, sweeter, but no less unexpected sequences.
Some were fast, snappy and action packed while other would transform slowly and build intrigue.


Concept, Direction & Animation:

Olson, Minneapolis

Production Company:
Picasso Pictures, London