Strange Arrangements

Studio Project


We noticed that the upcoming onedotzero festival was calling for submissions, and as we had always looked at this festival with wide eyes as students, we decided to create something and submit it.

To our delight it was accepted!

Moving Sculptures

We wanted to make a series of moving sculptures that take inspiration from the great surrealists like Dali and in particular his lobster telephone.

We tried to create intriguing scenes that leave you wanting to see more. These objects are mechanical aswell as organic in the way they move. The collection of textures, objects and movements create images that leave you feeling intrigued.

Making of

We worked closely with our friends at Radium Audio to develop a soundtrack that complimented the images not only in tone but in surrealism too. We recorded the piano live at the Guild Hall which was amazing, There is something special about hearing a bespoke piece of music played on a grand piano in a soundproof studio.


We created a series of prints for this film and we are considering producing a limited run. Let us know if you are interested and maybe we will…