Kiss TV

Channel Idents


We won a competitive pitch to design and produce a new series of channel idents as part of Kiss TV’s identity refresh. The brief was to conceive a collection of idents that would embody the fresh, edgy and glamorous values of the channel. We delivered 4 in total which we developed and produced entirely in-house.

The brilliant Zelig Sound were brought on board to compose and produce a set of individual themes across the idents.


Each ident explores a specific expression of the attitude and fresh confidence that the Kiss brand embodies and their viewers aspire to.

From bold physical Hip-Hop inspired gesticulations, the self-assured strutting of a modern-day diva to the care-free euphoria of being lost in music and the fearless gymnastic energy of today’s urban dancer – these were the expressions of confidence we felt would resonate with the target audience.


Our goal was to develop a striking look and feel across the idents that would reinforce the channels progressive values with a nod to the brands heritage.

Our starting point was to research and explore styles, motifs, textures and palettes that visually epitomised each of the channels core music genres. We ultimately combined aspects of each with a rich, lustrous and sophisticated feel that would satisfy the forward thinking needs of the channel, while being reflective of their content.


With attitude at the core of the idents, authenticity in the movement of the characters was crucial to the success of each spot.

We motion-captured young performers that we felt genuinely embodied the bold attitude, ensuring the movement felt believable and true.

We employed the services of the excellent E.Motion Capture in West London for the one-day shoot.


Our design development included examining every detail from how clear we should make the human forms, wardrobe and styling choices, background and environment detail and realism, to the ratio of 2D to 3D elements and considering the effect those choices had on the overall feel of the idents.


Exploratory mood-boards and the establishment of a texture and materials kit for each spot helped our clients get a flavour of the style and feel we were proposing across the idents.

Early Development

Some early ideas, styles, techniques and design that never made it into the final cut.