BT Vision Easter 2012

On-Air Package


Following on from the success of our Christmas package for the platform, BT Vision asked us to develop and design their 2012 Easter on-air package. The core concept for the project was to bring the indulgent and colourful side of Easter to life. Box of Toys Audio were again commissioned to create a perfect soundtrack for the kit.


Referencing BT Visions range of On Demand genres we created a decadent multi-layered cake that would feature a variety of seasonal confectionary. From chocolate eggs, cupcakes and fondant bunnies to liquorice, lollipops and sugar coated jellies, each layer and element springs into action when the cake spins at the perfect speed.


Convinced that merely alluding to the effect by actually animating each element was not an option, we set ourselves the challenge of authentically achieving the ‘phonotropic’ effect albeit in 3D. We ultimately modelled the piece, posing and positioning all the various elements so that when the rotation was applied each element would animate as intended.

Character Design

Easter wouldn’t be the same without bunnies and chicks. We experimented with a multitude of techniques to give an authentic realistically edible feel. Detailed hand-made textures were created which once in 3D were worked into in detail using BodyPaint ensuring the characters and elements all felt appetising and crafted.

Entire On-Air Kit

We ultimately produced and delivered a comprehensive package of generic and genre themed idents, promo and OSP elements.