Moving Brand Identity


We won a competitive pitch to bring the established Betfair brand to life with a flexible and coherent new moving identity system and subsequent TV Commercial.

We have condensed the kit into a montage to give a flavour of what was produced.


With only a limited palette of elements originally designed for print, we conceived and explored a series of routes that translated the abstract values of the organisation into tangible visual motifs.

We developed a look and feel to ensure the kit worked as a natural and logical extension of the brand.

Kit of Parts

We delivered an extensive package of openers, closers, bumpers, transition devices, a Europe wide Commercial, sponsorship bumpers, live-action commercial end-boards and extensive guidelines.


The TVC we conceived and developed combines the look and feel established with the identity system but with the addition of more tangible sporting motifs built from brand triangles.

The themes of competition and victory were at the heart of the action along side the need to clearly show the core online aspect of Betfair's offering.

TVC Development

Taking the the triangulated pattern as a starting point we worked closely with Betfair to develop a coherent sequence that revolved around the brand shape.

We worked to seamlessly integrate abstract motifs with more literal scenes. All of this was drawn up and developed in detail at a storyboard and scripting stage.